Saturday, 24 of October of 2020

Judging/Evaluating Instructions

Judge/Evaluating Instructions

  1. Carefully review the Evaluation Form prior to the presentation you will be evaluating.  If you have any questions about the form, please contact a representative at the registration desk.
  2. Obtain the appropriate number of Evaluation Forms (one for each presentation).  Completely fill in the speaker’s name and presentation title in the appropriate blanks.
  3. All sections on the Evaluation Form must be evaluated and checked by the judge.  All judges/evaluators are encouraged to be objective and provide constructive feedback when appropriate.  Written comments are encouraged as they are often more instructive than cirecled or checked scores.
  4. The purpose of the evaluation is primarily to critique the presenter’s style and presentation skills.  If necessary, you may include comments on the project’s merit; however be mindful that this is not the true intention of the evaluation.
  5. Please return completed evaluation forms to the session moderator or the MPRC Registration desk at the end of the session!  Do not return directly to the presenter.
  6. Please ensure that every evaluation form is kept confidential.
  7. Evaluation Form Sample:  MPRC Sample Evaluation Form