Monday, 21 of June of 2021



√  MPRC Guidelines and Requirements:

All residents must read and understand the MPRC Guidelines and Requirements before registering for the conference and submitting an abstract.  To read these guidelines and requirements please click the following link: 2021 Resident Guidelines Requirements


√  Online Conference Registration:

1.)  All Residents who wish to attend the conference must register for the conference by accurately completing an online registration by March 7, 2021.

  • Resident registrations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after March 7, 2021

2.)  Presenting residents are required to pay a $75.00 registration fee.

3.)  All Conference Registration Fees are Non-Refundable!

4.)  Click here to register for the conference: Online Registration.


√  Submission of Abstracts:

All presenters must submit an abstract.


Abstract Submission Deadline:  March 7, 2021

Abstracts must be saved in the following format: (Doe,J_abstract)

  • Please refer to the 2021 Resident Guidelines Requirements document for further detail regarding abstract preparation and submission.
  • All abstracts should be prepared as described in the “Call for Abstracts” section located under the “ResidentInfo” tab on this website.
  • All abstracts should be submitted in the same format used in the “Sample Abstract” also located under the “ResidentInfo” tab on this site.
  • All abstracts must be reviewed and approved by your preceptor prior to submission to MPRC!
  • Abstracts must be sent by email to by March 7, 2021


 √  Presentation Preparation Guidelines:

1.)  Please refer to the 2021 Resident Guidelines Requirements document for further detail regarding presentation preparation instructions.

2.)  All presentations should be prepared as described in the “PresentationRules” section located under the “ResidentInfo” tab on this website.

3.) All speakers are required to provide a verbal or written disclosure announcement to the audience at the beginning of their presentation. Speakers must make a disclosure even if they do not have any conflicts. The disclosure should also include a statement if the presentation includes an off-label discussion(s).

4.)  Presentation Software Requirements:  All presentations must use “Windows-Based” Microsoft PowerPoint® Software and be Windows 10® & Office 2016® Compatible.

  • The Conference will only support presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint® Software
  • Macintosh® presentation software WILL NOT be accepted!

5.)  All preceptors must review and approve each presenter’s presentation prior to MPRC.

6.)  All presenters must save their final PowerPoint presentation in the following format: (Doe,J_PPT) and email to by Monday, May 3, 2021.

  • Once saved in the appropriate format; presenters must also upload their final slides to the MPRC virtual conference portal by Monday, May 3, 2021.


Presentation Attendance:

  • Plan to attend all sessions.
  • Residents are expected to participate for the entire duration of the conference and attend other resident’s presentations.  There is nothing more depressing to a resident who has worked extremely hard on their presentation than to give a presentation to a handful of people.
  • Evaluations will be available at the end of the conference.


Host Residency Program:

Please remember that the host residency program is sponsoring the conference on a voluntary basis.  They are sponsoring the conference because they are dedicated to post graduate pharmacy education.  They are not professional meeting planners.  The host residency program will be trying very hard to make the conference a success, but sometimes there can be glitches.  They will work very hard to correct any problems if they occur.