Monday, 21 of June of 2021

Moderator Instructions

The moderator has many functions during the presentation.  First, please be sure to introduce yourself to the presenters before the talk.  Visit with the presenter for a moment to relax them and orient them to ensure they are prepared to share their screen and take control of their presentation. There will be representatives available to assist with any technical problems that may occur.  It is VERY IMPORTANT for the moderator to keep the sessions on time, both beginning and end.

  • At the beginning of the session, introduce yourself to the audience as the moderator for the session.
  • Introduce the resident to the audience at the beginning of each presentation.
    • Use the presentation schedule for information required for speaker introductions.
    • Introductions should include the speaker’s name, institution, and title of the presentation.
  • For each presentation: Assist the presenter with Zoom set up.
  • Stay on schedule.  Begin and end presentations at the scheduled times.
    • It is your responsibility to stop the speaker after 15 minutes to allow 3 minutes for questions & answers and 2 minutes to transition to the next speaker.
    • It is also your responsibility to not start the next presentation ahead of schedule if the previous one ends early.
  • You will be required to provide “5 minute” AND “1 minute” reminders for the speaker to see at the appropriate time.
    • These reminders indicates that 5 or 1 minutes are left for the presentation, with an additional 5 minutes for questions.
    • This will allow enough time to switch speakers.