Saturday, 24 of October of 2020

Moderator Instructions

The moderator has many functions during the presentation.  First, please be sure to introduce yourself to the presenters before the talk.  Visit with the presenter for a moment to relax them and orient them to the AV set up. There will be representatives from the Planning Committee available to assist with any LCD problems that may occur.  It is VERY IMPORTANT for the moderator to keep the sessions on time, both beginning and end.


  1. At the beginning of the session, introduce yourself to the audience as the moderator for the session.
  2. Moderator should also announce at the beginning of the session that if anyone would like a copy of a presenter’s presentation to please hand the speaker their business card at the end of the presentation and request that he/she send it to them via email.
  3. Introduce the resident to the audience at the beginning of each presentation.  Use the presentation schedule that is included in the program (to be distributed at registration) for information required for speaker introductions.  Introductions should include the speaker’s name, institution, and title of the presentation.
  4. For each presentation: Assist the presenter with computer set up.  Please remain near the computer projector to provide assistance if needed.
  5. Please close the doors at the beginning of the session.  If there is excessive noise in the hallway, the moderator should intervene.
  6. Stay on schedule.  Begin and end presentations at the scheduled times.  It is your responsibility to stop the speaker after 15 minutes to allow 3 minutes for questions & answers and 2 minutes for folks to switch rooms if necessary.  It is also your responsibility to not start the next presentation ahead of schedule if the previous one ends early.
  7. “5 minute” AND “1 minute” reminder cards will be distributed to all moderators prior to the start of each session.  Please hold the card up for the speaker to see at the appropriate time.  This card indicates that 5 or 1 minutes are left for the presentation, with an additional 5 minutes for questions.  This will allow enough time to switch speakers.  Please position yourself so that the card is easy to see and let the speaker know that you will be holding up the card as a note of the time remaining.  It is only necessary to hold the card up until you can tell that it was seen by the presenter.  Please leave the reminder cards in the room at the end of your session.
  8. Raffle Tickets.  At the end of your session (after everyone has dropped off their raffle tickets) please check the sand bucket located at the back of the room.  If the bucket is full of raffle tickets – please take to the registration desk.  The moderator may also choose to assist the judge in collecting evaluation forms and distributing raffle tickets.

Please return completed evaluation forms to the Conference Registration Desk at the end of the session!
Do Not return directly to the presenter!

Please ensure that every evaluation form is kept confidential.