Saturday, 24 of October of 2020

Presentation Rules




All speakers are required to provide a verbal or written disclosure announcement to the audience at the beginning of their presentation.  Speakers must make a disclosure even if they do not have any.  The disclosure should also include a statement if the presentation includes an off-label discussion(s).


***Macintosh® Presentation software will NOT be available to the presenter***

All presentations must use “windows based” Microsoft PowerPoint® Software and be Windows 10® & Office 2016® Compatible.

To avoid font and graphic distortion on the day of your presentation it is very important that all Microsoft PowerPoint slides are saved properly.  Please be sure to do the following prior to storing your final presentation on a USB Drive to bring to the conference:

1.) Open your presentation

2.) Click the “FILE” tab and then click “OPTIONS”

3.) At the bottom, under “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation” select the , “Embed fonts in the file” check box.

7.) Click “OK”


1.)  Open your presentation

2.)  Click the “OFFICE BUTTON” located on the top left-hand corner of  the screen

3.)  Click the “POWERPOINT OPTIONS” button at the bottom/center of the information box

4.)  Click “SAVE” on the left-hand side

5.)  Click to place a check mark in the box next to “Embed Fonts in the file”

6.)  Click to select the “Embed all characters (best for editing by other people)” option

7.)  Click “OK”

After saving your PowerPoint presentation as directed above please be sure to save to a USB Drive and bring the USB Drive with you to the conference.  Each room will be equipped with a computer and LCD projector.  There will be representatives from the Planning Committee available to assist with any LCD problems that may occur.  Pointers will not be provided by the conference.

All presentations begin and end at the scheduled times.  The format of the conference will allow up to a 15 minute presentation.  There will be 3 minutes allowed for Q & A after the presentation.

A “5 minute” card will be held up for the speaker to see at the appropriate time.  This card indicates that 5 minutes are left for the presentation, with an additional 5 minutes for questions.  This will allow 5 minutes to transition to the next speaker.

The presentation schedule will not be released until a week before the conference.  One week prior to the conference all attendees will be able to view the presentation schedule on this website.

Evaluation forms may be picked up at the conference registration desk; but not until the conference has come to an end on the last day.  Evaluation forms will not be mailed to presenters after the conference.

Residents attending the conference are expected to attend other resident’s presentations.

Other Information

The host residency program is sponsoring the conference on a voluntary basis.  They are sponsoring the conference because they are dedicated to post graduate pharmacy education.  They are not professional meeting planners.  The host residency program will be trying very hard to make the conference a success, but sometimes there can be glitches.  They will work very hard to correct any problems if they occur.