Monday, 21 of June of 2021

Call for Abstracts

The 47th Annual Midwest Pharmacy Residents Conference invites those enrolled in pharmacy practice residency programs, specialty residency programs, and fellowships to present in a platform presentation format.  Abstracts for presentations are being solicited at this time.  Presentations describing completed or in-progress research, a project, or a case study conducted during the residency are appropriate.  The oral presentation is expected to be 15 minutes and will be followed by a 3 minute question and answer period.  Presenters will be given feedback by a panel of practitioners on written evaluation forms that will be distributed to each speaker at the end of the conference.



  1. All Pharmacy Residents are required to submit abstracts for presentation (Microsoft Word Format Only).
  2. Abstract submissions must be received via email no later than March 7, 2021.
  3. Abstract should not exceed 250 words.  This does NOT include title, authors, or learning objective.
  4. Abstracts should have one inch margins on all sides and must be doubled spaced Sample Abstract + Instructions
  5. Use a font size of 9 (Arial Font ONLY)
  6. Abstracts should not be more than 1 page in length when double-spaced; this includes one learning objective.
  7. Short, specific titles are desirable.  The title should be entirely in upper-case lettering.  The name of the author(s) should follow the title.  Name(s) should be listed first name first, last name last, and should not include titles or degrees.  The name of the presenting resident should be listed first and underlined.  A complete mailing address is required on the abstract.  Please include your email address in the heading.
  8. Each paragraph of the abstract should start with a three spaced indention and new paragraphs should be started without skipping extra lines.
  9. Each abstract should be informative and contain the following information: (Headings are not necessary)
    a.  Rational
    b.  Objective
    c.  Methods
    d.  Statement of conclusions/potential outcomes
  10. Each submission must also include:
    a.  One learning objective is required.
  11. Please save your abstract in the following format:  Doe,J_abstract
  12. Please email your abstract to by March 7, 2021.
  13. Please read and follow directions carefully.  If abstracts are not submitted as stated within these guidelines; your abstract will be returned for correction and preceptor will be notified.



Email abstracts (Microsoft Word Documents only) entitled with last name, first initial_abstract.  Example:   Doe,J_abstract to  Please register online at the same time you submit your abstract and required documentation.